DVD Review: Taken 2

Taken 2

I believe there will be a “Taken 3.”  This time they got my daughter, my wife AND my dog.  Well, perhaps the producers will go in a different direction next time since Liam Neeson doesn’t necessarily want to do a third film in the successful series.

But, now more about “Taken 2.”  In the original film, Bryan “special set of skills” Mills (Neeson) took out half of the Albanian underworld to get his kidnapped daughter back.  At the start of “Taken 2”, the other half (cousins, dads and other kin) want revenge.  So they kidnap Bryan’s wife this time (Famke Janssen) and try to get the daughter as well.  She manages to escape.  When Neeson is also kidnapped in Istanbul, he uses his daughter (Maggie Grace) to get free.

It’s pretty much a bulletfest all the way through.  And, not nearly as original or suspenseful as the first film.  However, “Taken 2” is slickly produced and Neeson is a thinking-man’s action hero which is a major plus.  These are first-rate selling points.

This review comes well after the flick took a heavy drumming by critics during its theatrical release.  So I certainly viewed the film with low expectations.  That’s why I’m so pleased with what I saw.  Good action.  Neeson rocks as the death-dealing American ex-spy. What else do you need?  Maybe “Taken 3” isn’t such a bad idea.  Just remember I was joking about Neeson’s dog being kidnapped.  Grade: B

Fast Facts:

Street Date: January 15, 2013

Formats:  Blu-ray, DVD and others

Unrated edition available with additional footage not show in theaters.

Runtime (original cut): 91 minutes

Released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

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