Hollywood@Home: Murder is my Beat (1955)

murder beat

Did she or didn’t she commit murder?  That’s the big question in “Murder is my Beat,” new on DVD (on demand) from Warnerarchive.com

This 1955 film noir stars Paul Langton as a Los Angeles police detective who believes a woman (Barbara Payton) maybe didn’t murder her boyfriend after all.  He’s assigned to escort Eden Lane to prison via the train.  But, at a routine stop along the way, she claims to have seen the murder victim.

As thin as that may sound, it gets the detective thinking.  Could she be innocent?  He decides to flee with the convicted murderess and follow-up some leads to prove her innocence.

“Murder is my Beat” is not one of your better films of this genre.  But, this black & white thriller directed by Edgar G. Ulmer has enough going for it to permit a recommendation.  There are plenty of twists along the way and just enough suspicion surrounding Payton’s character to keep you guessing.  Is the victim still alive?  If he is, who was that person with his face and hands burned off in a fireplace?  Questions you’ll want answered.  Grade: B-

Fast Facts:

Street Date: January 8, 2013

Format:  DVD on demand from WarnerArchive.com

Runtime: 77 minutes

Black & White, 1955