DVD Review: The Possession

The Possession

Holy Dibbuk!  Make that unholy Dibbuk.  There’s a nasty demon in that old box and a suburban youngster finds out the hard way in “The Possession.”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Kyra Sedgwick star as the girl’s parents in this moderately frightening horror flick.  Em (Natasha Calis) finds the box at a yard sale and immediately becomes fixated on it.  Like in “The Exorcist” the entity inside the box appears to be a friend, but the niceties only allow the Dibbuk (Jewish demon) to take hold of the girl.

When both parents become convinced of Em’s possession, a Hasidic rabbi is called in to do an exorcism.  It takes a long time to reach the expected fireworks.  “The Possession” is long on story, but short on suspense.  In addition, many of the scenes are unintentionally funny.  And, that’s a real spell breaker, of course.

The acting is so-so.  Morgan is a personal favorite, but his character and others in this film stretch the credibility factor beyond repair.  The film is purportedly based on true events.  How many times have we heard THAT before?  It makes you wish filmmakers would just tell you up front, “yeah, we made it up.  That’s right.  It’s fiction.”

“The Possession” offers a few scares here and there.  But, mostly it’s a retread of spooky films that went before.  Grade: C-

Fast Facts:

Street Date: January 15, 2013

Formats: Blu-ray and DVD

Runtime: 92 minutes

Rated: PG-13

Released by Lionsgate Home Entertainment

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