DVD Review: Ghoul


Straight from the Chiller TV Network is a made-for-cable horror flick that really isn’t too horrifying.  “Ghoul” is the story of three kids battling an underground demon and some real demons of the human variety that live above ground.  Namely, the adults.

Nolan Gould stars as 12-year-old Timmy, a kid who loves his grandfather and his new underground fort.  His two best friends, Doug and Barry, have incredibly difficult domestic situations.  One is being molested by his mother.  And, the other has an alcoholic father who uses him and his mom as punching bags.  Most of the town still grieves over a major mining accident that took many lives years ago.  And, more recently, people have started to disappear.

Despite the unsavory circumstances, Timmy, Doug and Barry are reasonably happy kids.  They’re intrigued by the discovery of large holes in a cemetery.  These aren’t graves either.  Whatever is happening, these holes might have something to do with it.

So, what’s the verdict?  Well, “Ghoul” suffers from a case of bad writing, acting and directing.  There’s nothing particularly terrifying about the story.  And, the ghoul isn’t exactly a marvel of Hollywood special effects craftsmanship. The scenes of physical and sexual abuse are strictly amateur hour and poorly handled.  In fact, the mother beating on her son’s door, demanding her little man, were too much.

“Ghoul” isn’t my idea of a good time.  Grade: D

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