DVD Review: Hit and Run

Hit and Run

You either really like a movie or you don’t, right?  Well, any film critic can tell you there are plenty of movies in-between.  “Hit and Run” is one of them.

Dax Shepard decides to leave the federal witness protection program, when his girlfriend (Kristen Bell) gets a job interview in Los Angeles.  Charlie Bronson (Shepard) is protected by a U.S. Marshal played by Tom Arnold.  When Bronson’s old partner in crimes learn his whereabouts, they pursue.  And, bam you have an action comedy about a high-speed chase through Southern California.

So, what are the good points?  Well, I’ll be darned if I didn’t like the characters.  They’re fun, often unpredictable and reasonably humorous.  On the other hand, the story is a bit tired, the stunts are old news and the characters a tad too goofy for my tastes.  Still, I laughed more than once and didn’t get bored.  Hey, that’s half the battle in my opinion.  Grade: C

Fast Facts:

Street Date: January 8, 2013

Formats:  Blu-ray combo, DVD, On Demand and Digital Download

Runtime: 101 minutes

Rated: “R”

Released by Universal Studios Home Entertainment

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