DVD Review: War of the Dead

war of the dead

Plenty of bullets are fired.  But, “War of the Dead” is really lacking the gore necessary for even an average zombie flick.

Still, it’s a good story idea.  American and Finnish soldiers are on a mission to destroy a secret Nazi bunker near the Russian Front.  Despite killing the enemy soldiers blocking their way, it quickly becomes unsettling when those same soldiers rise up as a small army of the undead.  I hate it when that happens.

What’s missing from the low-budget thriller, as I mentioned before, is the “gore factor.”  It’s like the actors are playing a backyard game of combat.  Rat-a-tat-tat, you’re dead.  Oh, you’re not dead.  Well, shoot ’em in the head.

What’s also missing is a coherent story and better character definitions.  Who’s who?  And, why should we care?  It’s just so many guys playing soldier.  When they turn, it’s not even all that scary.  Just add some contact lenses, a little fake blood and some off-color make-up.  Boring!  Grade: D

War of the Dead 2