Movie Review: Not Fade Away

Not Fade Away

If you want to talk about music of the 1960’s, then you’ve got my attention.  “Not Fade Away” is a coming-of-age drama about some teenagers who want to hit it big by forming a rock band.

A great deal of their inspiration comes from groups like the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and Delta blues musicians.  Douglas (John Magaro) is dealing with the usual teen issues:  girls and family.  His dad, Pat (James Gandolfini) is a hard-headed blue-collar worker who thinks Douglas should go to college or into the military.  But, such is life.  It ain’t happening.

For baby boomers like myself, “Not Fade Away” is a musical treat.  The songs used in the film are some of my favorites from that awesome decade that changed Rock and Roll forever.  But, the story itself is a mess.  The story is unfocused and, at times, directionless.  Characters disappear.  And, the whimsical ending seemingly comes out of nowhere.

The best I can do is give “Not Fade Away” a marginal recommendation.  Something tells me this film will fade from theaters sooner than later.  Grade: C.

Fast Facts:

Initial Opening Date:  December 21, 2012

Dallas Opening Date:  January 4, 2013

Run Time:  112 Minutes

Released by: Paramount Vantage

Not Fade Away 2