Hollywood@Home: The Millennium Bug

The Millenium Bug








Are we still talking about Y2K?  Apparently so in the new low-budget horror flick “The Millennium Bug,” a film so bad that it actually holds some entertainment value.

In a low-tech solution to all the hysteria surrounding Y2K, the Haskin family decides to get away from it all with a little trip to the mountains.  If only they had realized that crazed hillbilly families like the rural life, too.  Their wrong turn soon has deadly consequences.

What does this all have to do with Y2K?  Well, nothing really.  “The Millennium Bug” is mainly a story of inbred hicks trying to bring some new blood into the clan.  As kind of a side plot, there is a geeky scientist roaming around looking for a giant bug that materializes every 1000 years.  By the end, the good guys and the bad guys are running for cover.

The distributors of “The Millennium Bug” proudly declare there were no CGI effects in the film, but that was already clear to anyone who watched the film for at least five minutes.  Only puppets and special head-splitting makeup effects.

If MST3K was still in business, they would love this movie.  It reeks.  But, it also has a few deadpan moments that are extremely funny.  The performances range from silly to borderline witty.  I certainly wasn’t bored.  If you like bad horror films, “The Millennium Bug,” might be worth a rental.  Grade: D.  But, for “camp” value, score it “B-“