DVD Review: Outlaw Brothers

Set the time machine for 1990, and take the trip.  “Outlaw Brothers” is old-fashioned and rapid-fire martial arts fun.

Hey, the story is not that great.  You can fast forward through the dull segments (basically anything that isn’t a fight scene).  But, I really miss the kicking and crackle pops of the old-style Kung-Fu.

“Outlaw Brothers” is directed by Frankie Chan and partly choreographed by Hong Kong legend Jackie Chan.  It’s a hoot!  Oh, and the butt-kicking women give some of the best action, led by a female cop as she chases a pair of successful car thieves.  Check it out.  Lotso fun! Grade: B-


Fast Facts:

Street Date: October 30, 2012

Released by Vivendi Entertainment under the Dragon Dynasty label

Runtime: 102 minutes

Language:  Chinese with English subtitles or dubbed English (Please don’t!)