Movie Review: V/H/S

Strange woman about to put the bite on someone in “V/H/S”

Would you please get your teeth out of my intestines?  C’mon.  I’m just a over sexed sociopath trying to take advantage of a mentally disabled woman.  Or, is she really a woman?  That’s just one of the stories told in the found footage anthology called “V/H/S.”This low-budget horror flick opens with some petty criminals breaking into a home to steal a VHS tape.  They find a dead man sitting in a chair with several video monitors in front of him.  There’s also a load of VHS cassettes in the room.  The guys start watching the tapes, each containing a routine event that turns bloody.I’m not a fan of the found footage craze, but this is the first time I’ve seen it used in an anthology format.  Kind of like those old “Tales From the Crypt” movies from the 1970’s (not the TV show).In “V/H/S” there’s definitely some raw talent on display, but too many questions about the story.  It can’t all be blamed on the found footage style.  It’s hard to get a handle on when these stories took place. Why were they placed on VHS tapes?  Was someone taping the events with those gigantic video cameras of yesteryear?  And, a great deal of the gore is only suggested, seemingly because of budget limitations.  With some work on the script and some polish, this could have been an interesting film.  Instead, it’s just an experiment with mixed results.  Grade: C-