Movie Review: Red Dawn (2012)

On the hunt for those pesky North Koreans in “Red Dawn”

The Pacific Northwest invaded by North Korea?  There’s no way.  Oh, wait!  It’s Hollywood, of course, and anything’s possible.  The remake of 1984’s “Red Dawn” is here and this time Pyongyang is replacing the Ruskies as a menace to our American way of life. “Wolverines!”  A ragtag group of high school students from Spokane, Washington, don’t like it when their city is overrun by communist troops from Asia and they fight back. How could North Korea get a jump on U.S. defenses?  Well, it has something to do with an electro-magnetic pulse that disables all electrical devices, civilian and military.  It allows the evil soldiers to paratroop on Washington state with some payback for the Korean war. The number-one complaint about the 1984 film is that it was a blatant right-wing fantasy.  This film is more about gee whiz, could this really happen?  The answer, my friends, is “NO.”  Even with Russian help, you couldn’t move THAT many troops without being detected by U.S. forces.  Even if you think the American military is inept, there’s no way it could happen.  The days of a Pearl Harbor style sneak attack are over.  And, that didn’t even involve an invasion.  Anyway, with that said, “Red Dawn” is not really a stinker.  It’s fairly well done, even if the believability factor is zero.  Grade: C