DVD Review: Game of Thrones-The Complete First Season Collector’s Edition

Dragon’s Egg from “Game of Thrones”

Right now I’m going crazy waiting for season three of “Game of Thrones,” the best show on television.  At least HBO Home Entertainment is throwing us a bone, or should I say a fossilized dragon egg.  It’s part of a new Season One collector’s edition, arriving just in time for the holidays (no coincidence, of course).If you’ve already invested in a copy of season one, then perhaps you can give this a miss.  But, if you were holding off for something better, it might be time to drop some money on a very nice product.Here’s what you get:  5 Blu-ray discs with season one episodes and a truckload of special features. 5 DVDs with season one episodes and special features (all of which are included in the Blu-ray discs)  Digital copy of season one-Season Two bonus Blu-ray disc (Season Two will be out on disc next year)  Dragon egg paperweight.  The paperweight is probably not as big as you may have envisioned.  But, I really like having one on my desk.  I can roll it around in my hands as I look forward to future episodes starting 3-31-13.  Why do we have to wait so long?  Product grade: A