New at Theaters: Friday, November 2nd

Okay, Eye see you.  Martial arts flick, “The Man With the Iron Fists” is one of several new titles on the first weekend of November, 2012.  Russell Crowe uses his hands, not his cell phone, to do battle with Asian warriors.  This movie could be hazardous to your vision.  It went unscreened for critics.

“Flight” features Denzel Washington as an alcoholic pilot who flies his 100+ passengers upside down to get out of a deadly nose dive.  Yes, but don’t expect too much action.  It’s mainly a soap opera dealing with the pilot’s addictions.

I’m hearing good things about “Wreck It Ralph” from Disney.  This animated feature-length film has characters from the really good old days of video games.  Remember Qbert?

Other films opening in the Dallas-Fort Worth market include: “The Sessions” “Smashed” “Sister” “This Must Be  the Place” “The Details” and “The Other Son.”