DVD Review: Perry Mason: The Seventh Season, Volume One

Paramount Home Media Distribution is slowly, but surely, getting all of those classic Perry Mason episodes on DVD.  The 1963-64 season is the latest to get an excellent transfer to disc.

These gems kept TV audiences guessing right up to the expected weekly courtroom confession at the end of every hour.  I spent many happy hours at my grandfather’s house watching Mason reruns every Sunday night.  Never mind they ended at 11:30pm, my grandparents would always let me sit up and watch.

But, there’s more than nostalgia at work here.  These shows were the very backbone of the CBS Television Network in TV’s golden age.  They were extremely well-written, especially the season openers.  “The Case of the Nebulous Nephew” is one of my favorites.  You can feel the extra time and effort that was put into writing this complicated, but well-presented and very well-acted mystery about a long-lost relative returning for a share of his family’s estate.

“The Case of the Capering Camera” is also of interest, not because the episode was a particular standout.  But, because it featured the last performance by an actress who was murdered in Los Angeles not long after production.  Her killing was never solved, but at least one journalist linked her death to the JFK assassination.  The alleged connection was mostly discredited, but it sure makes great reading on the internet.  And, why haven’t they solved her murder?  Get’s you wondering, huh?

Season Seven is vintage Perry Mason.  Volume one has 15 episodes on four discs.  No extras, but it’s great entertainment for disc collectors.  Something you might play more than once.  Grade: A

Fast Facts:

Street Date: August 21, 2012

Suggested Retail Price: $54.99

Runtime: 759 minutes

Rating: Not Rated