DVD Review: 4:44 Last Day on Earth

What will the last day on Earth be like?  And, will we have any warning of the end of times?  Filmmaker Abel Ferrara thinks it will be about like any other day.

In his new sci-fi drama, one character says the last day looks like any other Saturday or Sunday in New York City.  A slower pace.  Even relaxed.

Well, I can’t say I go along with that premise, but it was interesting to watch how two people in love cope with the end of the world from their apartment on the lower East Side.

Not much back story is given.  Apparently the effects of climate change were much more accelerated than predicted and some sort of global explosion was set for 16 minutes until 5am on a particular day.

The story instead focuses on the relationship between the characters played by Willem Dafoe and Shanyn Leigh.  The pacing is quite slow.  And, there have been films very similar to this one recently, including “Extraterrestrial” and “Melancholia.”  The only one of the three that I even remotely liked was “Extraterrestrial” and that was because of its warped sense of humor that kept moving things along.

Too many things were also left unexplained.  Why was there not a greater sense of panic?  How was the internet still up and running so smoothly?  I’m just one of those guys who wants everything to fit into place by the end.  “4:44 Last Day on Earth” leaves too many unanswered questions.  Grade: C-

Fast Facts:

Street Date: July 17, 2012

Runtime: 85 minutes

Rating: NR

Released by IFC Entertainment and MPI Media Group