DVD Review: Silent House

Based on a Spanish film of the same name, “Silent House,” is the story of a young woman and her father spending an overnight in a creepy home in the middle of nowhere.  Scariness ensues.

Both “The Silent House” and this American remake are a bit on the gimmicky side.  Apparently, the entire film was made in a single tracking shot, which of course is murder on the screenplay.  The story must occur in real time with the unblinking accuracy of continuous action.  I suppose that if someone burps, you roll with it and not stop the action…unless you want to start the shoot again.

Sarah (Elizabeth Olsen) and her father, John (Adam Trese) are trying to get the old house ready to sell.  Uncle Peter (Eric Sheffer Stevens) has also been hanging around and the two men were arguing.  When Sarah hears noises up stairs, her father goes to investigate.  Eventually, he’s found unconscious and Sarah is all alone with Uncle Peter off somewhere cooling his heels.

Who is in the house with Sarah and her father?  And, what about that chick who stopped by earlier claiming to be one of Sarah’s childhood friends?

The answers are told in a less-than-compelling way.  “Silent House” just isn’t scary.  The only reason to keep watching is to see if they screw up the tracking shot, and leave the boo boo in without stopping.  Ultimately I was bored and didn’t really care after the first 15 minutes.  Grade: F.

Fast Facts:

Street Date: July 24, 2012

Formats: Blu-ray and DVD

Runtime: 86 minutes

Rated: R

Released by Universal Studios Home Entertainment