DVD Review: Extraterrestrial


Which is more important? Relationships or the end of the world?
The new sci-fi comedy, “Extraterrestrial,” definitely focuses on encounters of the interpersonal kind. And, it’s mildly funny.
Here’s how it starts: Gigantic spaceships hover over a large Spanish city. Julio (Julian Villagran) wakes up in Julia’s (Michelle Jenner’s) bed on the morning after an apparent one-night stand. They discover the city virtually abandoned with a giant flying saucer just holding its position high above the landscape.
Julia’s creepy neighbor is still in the apartment building. And, Julia’s current boyfriend also shows up, clearly accepting her explanation that Julio was found stunned and seeking help.
“Extraterrestrial” becomes a comedy of one-lie-after-another. And, a great deal of it is funny/interesting enough to keep you locked into the story, even as you wait and wait and wait for the aliens TO DO SOMETHING.
Moderately-well directed by Spain’s Nacho Vigalonda, I can give “Extraterrestrial” a moderate recommendation. Grade: B-

    Fast Facts:

      Release Date: July 17, 2012

      Language: Spanish with English subtitles

      Runtime: 90 minutes

      Rating: Not Rated

      Released by Entertainment One