DVD Review: Twins of Evil


These ain’t the Doublemint twins. We’re talking horror….Hammer style. “Twins of Evil” is the 1971 classic from Britain’s Hammer Studios featuring Peter Cushing as the leader of a Puritan witch-hunting club.
Ah, but what happens when the bloodsuckers come home to roost? Maria and Frieda Gellhorn (real life centerfold twins Mary and Madeleine Collinson) don’t understand the fanatical ways of their Uncle Gustav. Recently orphaned, they must live with the Weil family until they come of age. Judging by their appearance, that won’t be long.
When one of the girls falls under the spell of a local vampire, uncle Gustav has a real problem on his hands.
“Twins of Evil” is one of the more erotic Hammer films, complete with a touch of nudity here and there.
The digital transfer is quite good and the Blu-ray combo version contains a feature-length documentary. Grade: B