DVD Review: Butterfly Swords


A film with many names is still just another martial arts flick from Hong Kong. “Butterfly Swords” is also making the rounds as “Butterfly and Sword” as well as “Butterfly Sword” (singular).
This 1993 action film is cursed with a confusing and most uninteresting storyline. It is, however, chocked full of top Asian action stars including Donnie Yen, Michelle Yeoh and Tony Leung.
Two killer clans are battling for control of a large region of China. It’s a power struggle between the Happy Forest gang and the Elite Villa clan.
There’s plenty of high-flying wire work as clan members battle each other in heavily-wooded areas. In fact, it’s too much. You can only stand so much of long-robed fighters skipping across the treetops.
It would have been less of a yawn to watch more fully-developed characters and plotting. More substance and less midair kicks.
A new standard DVD version and download of “Butterfly Swords” became available this summer. Nothing impressive about the film transfer (very grainy). Bonus features include new English subtitles.

    Fast Facts:

      Release Date: July 10, 2012

      Format: DVD or Digital

      Runtime: 87 minutes

      Rating: Not Rated