DVD Review: The Hunter

Willem Dafoe gives a terrific performance as a mercenary on the lookout for a tiger thought to be extinct in “The Hunter.”

He’s sent to Tasmania by an anonymous company to secure the genetic material of the animal.

Martin David (Dafoe) uses a broken-down farm as his home base while posing as a scientist.  Also at the farm is a mother and her two children.

And, of course, David does the one thing a mercenary should never do:  become attached.  He starts to feel something for the fatherless family and they, in turn, become the pawns of ruthless people also on the hunt for the Tasmanian tiger.

I’ve always thought of Dafoe as an overexposed but talented actor.  In this kind of role, he excels.  The story by author/filmmaker Julia Leigh is sound.  And, the scenery and locations add so much to the experience.  Frances O’Connor and Sam Neill co-star.  Take the trip.  Grade: B

Fast Facts:

Format: Blu-ray or DVD

Street Date: July 3, 2012

Runtime: 102 minutes

Rated: R

Distributed by Magnolia Home Entertainment