Movie Review: Ted

Sorry, but I could bearly stomach Ted.  Give me a good gross-out comedy any old day, but this one ain’t funny.

Yes, I know Seth MacFarlane is the “it” guy these days for his work on TV.  But, I don’t judge people for their work in television.  Don’t watch TV.  Never seen his shows.  And, I probably never will.

I have seen MacFarlane on television and like his politics.  He’s funny in a talk show setting.  And, maybe his TV shows are funny. But, this movie is for morons, pure and simple.

Ted is a come-to-life teddy bear.  He speaks.  He fornicates.  He cracks wise.  But, a Teddy Bear and his best friend (Mark Wahlberg), a 35-year-old man still afraid of thunder, is a one-note comedy.  Both are incredibly annoying.  And, the target audience appears to be children (literally).

At a recent screening in Gainesville, Texas, a small child in the audience laughed uncontrollably at the bear, making several folks including myself uneasy.  The parents tried to quiet the kid.  But, he just kept laughing like a lunatic at the hard-R rated comedy.  Made me think about what the bear was actually saying and how the film pandered to the low-brow crowd.

Drama is easy.  Comedy is hard.  Just ask Ted.  Grade: D

Fast Facts:

Opening Date: June 29, 2012

Runtime: 106 minutes

Rated: R

Released by Universal Studios