Hollywood@Home: Barbarella

The Queen of the Galaxy is back, and on Blu-ray.

“Barbarella” is the 1968 sci-fi that made Jane Fonda a household name.  The opening credits featured a striptease that took Fonda from a cumbersome space suit to her birthday suit.  Her sex kitten looks were enough to drive young men crazy.

In the year 40K, Barbarella is an operative, of sorts.  There isn’t much to do since Earth has transitioned past war, starvation and other plagues.  Even, sex involves very little physical contact and is achieved by chemical stimulation.  Imagine what lies ahead for Barbarella as she mixes with the savages during her mission to find an Earth scientist.

Duran Duran (the rock group took its name from the film) disappeared on the planet Lythion with a dangerous weapon called a positronic ray.  Barbarella is dispatched to find them both and to determine if Earth could be threatened.

Barbarella (the Blu-ray) is a decent enough high-definition transfer.  It could have used a restoration effort, but hey, it ain’t exactly art.  The only extra is the theatrical trailer.

Fast Facts:

Street Date: July 3, 2012

Suggested retail price: $24.99 U.S.

Runtime: 98 minutes

Rated: PG

Released by Paramount Home Media Distribution