Hollywood@Home: Night Wolf

Give me a werewolf movie any old day, but not this one.  “Night Wolf” is not my idea of fun.

Sarah (Isabella Calthorpe) returns home from the United States to find her friends and family still bickering.  But, someone has a grown a bit hairy since she left.  Who could it be?

One by one they get torn apart by the monster stalking them at the  remote family compound.

It’s a given that the victims are going to do the wrong things to survive.  We know this going in.  But, “Night Wolf” is so loaded with dumb bunnies that it’s hard to let it pass.

The creature effects are a joke.  Everything is kept quite dark and the gore is a bore.  Every once in a while, we’d like to see what’s actually happening.

The ending? Well, I had it figured out before the first act was barely cold.  As I said before, not my idea of a good time, horror fans.  Grade: D