DVD Review: The Scarlet Worm

As far as I’m concerned, there aren’t enough westerns being made these days.  Even low-budget entries are welcome, but unfortunately “The Scarlet Worm” doesn’t make a good case for a revival of the genre.

A hired gun (Aaron Stielstra) is having a mid-life crisis.  He wants each of his assassinations to be a work of art.  At the start of the film he gets creative by stuffing the body of a cattle rustler inside the carcass of the cow he slaughtered.

The killer works mostly for a local ranch owner (Montgomery Ford).  But, the assassin’s latest assignment perplexes him because he won’t have enough time to distinguish his work.  His boss wants the murder of a brothel owner (Dan van Husen) to be quick and dirty.

You can fault “The Scarlet Worm” on many counts.  David Lambert’s screenplay is lost in the desert.  Yet, there are some flashes of talent.

The acting isn’t special, but the camera loves van Husen…the intended target who forces his prostitutes into abortions.  His character is the most interesting of the lot.  The story could have focused on him with better results.  Grade: C-