Hollywood@Home: The Wicker Tree

Wicker me this!  Do you remember the 1973 film about a constable investigating the disappearance of a young woman in a remote British village?  “The Wicker Man” was a bit tedious, but the fiery payoff was classic.

Now comes the sequel, of sorts, called “The Wicker Tree.”  But, please, don’t burn a trail to the video store for a copy.  This horror dud features some of the worst acting since you saw that community theater production of “Lil Abner.”  I saw you there, don’t deny it.

“The Wicker Tree” concerns two born-again Christians from Texas who travel on a soul-winning mission to Scotland.  It’s hard to believe that a church would send two people of the opposite sex on a gospel mission without a chaperone. Those poor Scots are a heathen bunch.  Especially the ones who live in Tressock, a small community run by Sir Lachlan Morrison (Graham McTavish).  He’s the guy who looks like a cut-rate Ben Kingsley.  Perhaps Ben wasn’t available to be the bad guy this time.

Our two Texas virgins are quickly corrupted by local cult members.  The good people of Tressock also have a big May Day finale planned for our virtuous ones.  And, it ain’t going to be pretty.

Christopher Lee who starred in the original film makes a cameo, but I can’t think of another reason anyone should endure rest of this horrible little horror movie.  Grade: F