Hollywood@Home: Dark Tide

South Africa is a great place to make a movie.  So beautiful.  And, Halle Berry?  She’s very beautiful, too.

Here’s hoping Berry had a great time filming this action thriller near Capetown.  Because this shark story has no bite.

The Oscar-winning actress plays a shark expert whose afraid to go back into the water after her colleague is killed by sharks on an expedition under her command.  Her ex-boyfriend (Oliver Martinez) comes along with a thrill-seeking millionaire who wants to see sharks up close and not from the safety of a shark cage.  Since Kate (Berry) is about to lose her boat to the bank, she agrees to take the man and his son on a day trip to Shark Alley.

The one time “shark whisperer” gets into big time trouble when her client goes reckless.

Okay, so what’s wrong with “Dark Tide?”  Everything.  The poorly framed screenplay and sub par performances are hard to overcome.  The underwater photography is practically a joke.  The sharks are far from scary.  The story moves too slow.  And, there’s nothing even remotely thrilling.  In fact, you may root for the sharks.  Grade: F