DVD Review: Episode 50

The crew of  the reality show “Paranormal Inspectors” knows how to de-bunk a good ghost story.  They’ve done it 49 times.  “Episode 50” is a different matter.

I really wanted to like this film that borrows from both the found-footage and reality TV formats.  It stays fairly interesting for about 45 minutes, then falls apart.

Two competing paranormal investigative teams get access to an abandoned psychiatric hospital that dates to the mid 19th century.  One group is led by a born-again true believer.  The other by a skeptic who explains away most otherworldly sightings as just so much static electricity.

Both men are certain that investigating the sprawling decrepid hospital campus will be the crowning achievements of their young careers.  They won’t be disappointed.

“Episode 50” moves along at a nice clip with a better-than-average setup story.  It fails however to keep up its dramatic grip as the story’s collective IQ drops lower than the temperature of those cold spots dotting the hospital hallways.  Instead of getting scary, this scare flick gets dumb and overly melodramatic.  Grade: D+