DVD Review: Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

Okay, quick.  What was the best action film of 2011?  Easy, kids.  It’s “Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol.”  Not a tough question at all.

Doesn’t make any difference if you’re a Tom Cruise fan or a “Mission: Impossible” fan or you just like the spy action genre.  This flick covers all the bases.

In the fourth installment of the action series, Cruise is back, of course, as IMF agent Ethan Hunt.  He’s been doing time in a Russian prison, but the U.S. State Department needs him for a very special job involving the Kremlin.  When things go south in Russia, the U.S. government disavows the entire IMF and Hunt is forced to go underground with his team to catch an anarchist bent on world destruction.

This adventure is science fiction at its best.  Yes, science fiction.  All the gizmos and technology on display in M:I 4 are probably impossible based on current science.  But, wow, do you ever get the feeling that this neat stuff is very doable at some point in the future?  I sure do.  Very cool gadgets all through this flick.  One of many reasons to love Cruise and company as they save the world.  It’s a blast from start to end.  Grade: A.