Movie Review: Brake










Over 95% of “Brake” takes place in the trunk of a car.  But, despite the confines or perhaps because of them, it’s a decent enough thriller.

Jeremy Reins (Stephen Dorff) is a U.S. Secret Service agent who wakes up in a plastic box positioned in the trunk of a car.  Who kidnapped him?  What do they want?  How does he get out?

The story unfolds from Reins’ point of view.  The bad guys communicate with him in different ways: cellphone, direct communication and even an old citizens band radio.  Reins is up to the challenge.  Lives are threatened.  But, he won’t give the terrorists the information they need to carry out their mission.

The conclusion is way over the top, and a bit disappointing.  But, Dorff keeps you interested as he tries to keep in touch with his wife and others on the outside.  I wasn’t bored.  Grade: C+