Movie Review: The Raid-Redemption











A squad of elite police officers charge an apartment building filled to overflowing with criminals and drug dealers.  What a bad idea!  What an amazing movie!

“The Raid: Redemption” is a stunning martial arts film set in Jakarta, Indonesia.  The action is non-stop, start to finish.  And, the story is as good as the action.  This group of well-armed cops is in way over its head.  And, we find out why as the film and the action proceed.

Rama (Iko Uwais) has a hidden reason for being on this raid with his fellow officers.  He must get to someone inside the building before the bad guys get blown away or vice versa.  He’s the guy we’re rooting for.

Each action scene is flawlessly choreographed.  And, each battle is unique.  The action is fresh and intensely interesting.  Indeed, future martial arts flicks will be judged and compared to the style and quality of “The Raid: Redemption.”  It’s that good.  Grade: A-