Movie Review: American Reunion











Am I actually getting comfortable with this series of gross-out sex comedies?  Are we that jaded?  “American Reunion” features most of the actors from the original “American Pie” (1999).  13 years after a memorable senior year in high school, everyone has gone their separate ways, raising families or chasing careers or none of the above.

Jim Levinstein (Jason Biggs) has a two-year-old boy with his high school sweetheart and spouse, Michelle Flaherty-Levinstein (Alyson Hannigan).  Their sex life has gone flat since the child arrived and that becomes the central theme behind this story of old friendships being revisited.

Steve Stifler (Seann William Scott) is decidedly uninvited to the reunion festivities, mainly because his warped sense of humor and tendency to get the group into hot water is not what our friends want as they celebrate their high school reunion.  Of course, Stifler finds a way to crash back into the proceedings and is as immature as ever.

“American Reunion” is full of scuzzy humor and improbable encounters, but you got to love it.  At least us immature guys will think it’s cool.  The story is reasonably well written.  And, as I said before it’s the characters that we come back to see.  They’re predictable and we like it that way.  Grade: C+