Hollywood@Home: A Lonely Place to Die









Five climbers in the Scottish Highlands come across a girl buried in a pit by persons unknown, almost certainly as part of a kidnapping scheme.  They then must decide whether to leave the girl or take her to safety.

Of course, rescuing the child shouldn’t even be an issue.  The idea of leaving a girl who doesn’t speak English (by the way) behind is almost a non-starter.  Yet in “A Lonely Place to Die,” at least one character thinks that’s what they ought to do.  Just pretend they didn’t find her.  This was the first of many mistakes made by the filmmakers in what’s otherwise a smashing idea for a thriller.

Despite the many faults with the story (particularly the logic), there’s good action and the film moves well once it gets started.  Lots of running, climbing and dodging bullets.  You could do worse.  Grade: C+