Hollywood@Home: The Pack











It’s never a good idea to pick up hitchhikers, but in this French horror import, that’s exactly what happens.  And, poor Charlotte (Emilie Dequenne) must pay the price.

Our heroine is motoring through Northern France, when she stops her car for a good-looking guy (Benjamine Biolay).  They do lunch at a disgusting diner where the hitchhiker promptly disappears into the toilet, leaving Charlotte wondering whether she must continue her travels alone.

It seems the café is run by a stout woman determined to feed some really nasty looking humanoids that vegetate underground like turnips, only to surface when a good meal can be had.

“The Pack” begins nicely, but falls apart as the flesh-eating ghouls make their first appearance. The creatures are so lame, it’s laughable.  It’s like they’re all wearing bad Halloween masks.  Please, you are so not scary!

France has made its share of decent horror flicks.  This is not one of them.  Grade: D.