Movie Review: Gone

 Yeah, baby! We’re “Gone” after the first weekend.  This less-than-thrilling thriller stars Amanda Seyfried as a young woman who can’t get police in Portland, Oregon, to believe that someone kidnapped her sister, Molly (Emily Wickersham).

Jill Conway (Seyfried) has some pretty convincing evidence that what she says is the truth.  But, the police don’t buy it.  You see, Conway was institutionalized after her parents’ death.  And, a year earlier she, too, claimed to have been kidnapped by possibly the same man.

This PG-13-rated thriller was not screened in advance for critics, and for good reason.  The story is a mess.  Conway gets a detective (Wes Bentley) to believe her, but then his character suddenly drops out of the story until the very end.  Where the heck did he go?  Another detective mentions that he’s tending to his sick mother.  Really?

The killer?  Well, the few times he’s on camera we see only the back of his head.  He’s almost a non-factor until the end.  Perhaps the filmmakers wanted us to suspect Bentley’s character or the locksmith’s son or someone else.  By the time we find out: snores-ville.

The ending, which will not be discussed here, is jaw-droppingly stupid.  “Gone” is a slow-moving thriller that doesn’t make sense.  Grade: D+