Movie Review: Kill List

Could we please have some English subtitles for “Kill List?”  Yes, the actors in this unusually good action-thriller are speaking English.  But, holy cow!  Are they ever difficult to understand with any consistency.

“Kill List” starts as an excruciatingly slow family drama.  Many action mavens might fold before the second act, and that would be a shame.  Hang tight, and enjoy the strange, compelling turn-of-events that follow.

Jay (Neil Maskell) and Gal (Michael Smiley) are a couple of out-of-work hitmen lying low since botching a job in Ukraine.  They need money, so Gal convinces Jay to take a take a three-part contract with a very strange-looking client.  The money is right, but Jay is not.  He’s stressed to the max by family troubles, guilt over his profession and that bungled job in Kiev.

Let’s leave the story description at this point.  Any more, and I might ruin something for you.

What I liked about the film: The actors, most definitely.  Hey, work on your English language skills, but otherwise very talented.  I particularly liked Smiley as Gal.  His face looks friendly and familiar, despite the nastiness of his character’s profession.

I also liked the balls-out action of the third act.  It was considerably worth the wait.  And, very, very strange.

You already know what I didn’t like about “Kill List:” The thick accents and family drama of the first 20 minutes or so.

Put “Kill List” on your “see list.”  Grade: B-