Movie Review: Chronicle

“Chronicle” is a heart-stopper!  This sci-fi thriller about three teenagers who develop superpowers will rattle you right down to the soul.  It’s great cinema.

Andrew (Dane DeHaan), Matt (Alex Russell) and Steve (Michael B. Jordan) are three typical high school students, each with their own set of problems.  One night they go spelunking and meet a strange, unseen force.  Not long after that, they slowly develop telekinetic abilities.

What do they do with these new powers?  At first, just have a good time.  Good-natured pranks.  Maybe even a little revenge against some school bullies.

Then it gets serious. Personality flaws come to the surface.  People get hurt.  Nothing is automatic when you get extraordinary powers.  Each according to his given circumstances.

“Chronicle” is regrettably a “found footage” film.  It’s one of the best of its type.  But, this is more than just another opportunity for a shaky-cam adventure.  There’s something truly magnificent about the story concept that screams for a more theatrical treatment.  Wish it could have been that way.

But, now I can say, despite the format limitations and irritations, “Chronicle” really flies.  First time director Josh Trank intimately understands these three kids and what it might be like to be “super.”  His film really sparks the imagination and has you asking yourself, “What would I do in this situation?”

In addition, DeHaan, Russell and Jordan capture their roles beautifully, taking the audience along on their adventure and to the inevitable conclusion.

“Chronicle” is the kind of science fiction that fans of the genre crave.  Despite the limitations of the POV format, it rocks.  I want more!  Grade: A-