DVD Review: The Double (Spy thriller)






“The Double” stars Richard Gere as a retired spy called back into service to find a Cold-War Soviet assassin, code-named “Cassius.”  The murder of a U.S. Senator has the CIA on edge.  Could it be the legendary hit man who strangles his victims with a wire?  Or, is it a copycat killer with a political agenda?

Paul Sheperdson is assigned to work with an up-and-coming FBI agent Ben Geary (Topher Grace).  Geary wrote his thesis on Cassius and Sheperdson has been on a less scholarly pursuit of the killer for decades.

The two men interrogate a Cassius associate, secretly imprisoned by the CIA.  He escapes.  A major plot twist is revealed.  and, then another Russian killer is added to the mix and you’ve got “The Double.”

The action-thriller, directed by Michael Brandt who also co-wrote the screenplay, is not much to get excited about.  There are plenty of twists and turns, but the film is dull and mostly uninteresting.

Gere phones in a cool, detached performance.  Grace is sub-par as the whiz kid agent.  And, the story, despite numerous plot twists, fails to entertain.  Grade: C.