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Great cast.  Mixed results.  “Texas Killing Fields” is the story of two Southeast Texas police detectives trying to solve a series of gruesome murders.  Detective Souder (Sam Worthington) is the hothead who endangers suspects and himself willy-nilly.

The excellent Jeffrey Dean Morgan is Detective Heigh, a New York City transplant, who wants nothing to do with the case initially.  But, he’s got trouble shaking the images of the mutilated women found in the local marsh referred to as the “killing fields.”

“Texas Killing Fields” is adequately directed by Ami Canaan Mann and produced by her famous father, Michael Mann (“Heat” “The Insider”).

Ms. Mann shows signs of her father’s talent, but the story is such a muddle that creating a creepy atmosphere and getting good performances from your actors is not enough.  The film just manages to be nothing more than a standard by-the-book crime drama.

Great supporting cast, but not much for them to do except perpetuate the confused story-telling.  In a very small role, look for Stephen Graham (Al Capone, “Boardwalk Empire.”)  He brings a real creepiness to his limited screen time.

Bottom line: “Texas Killing Fields” is nothing more than an average crime thriller with some better-than-average suspense.

Grade: C-