DVD Review: Punished (Hong Kong Thriller)












“Punished” is Hong Kong action with characters you care about.

Law Wing Cheong directs an excellent cast, including Anthony Wong as a wealthy tycoon who wants revenge for the kidnapping and murder of his strung-out daughter, Daisy (Janice Man).

Wong Ho-Chiu (Wong) uses his bodyguard and right-hand man, Chor (Richie Jen), to do his dirty work by tracking down and killing those responsible.  “Punished” seems to be a very straightforward story, and it is in most respects.  But, actors Wong and Jen find some real humanity in their characters.  Jen wants to avenge his boss, but hates dragging himself through the slime.  Wong doesn’t mind giving orders literally affecting the lives of people he never sees.  But, then guilt and regret start to take a mental toll.

“Punished” is a gripping thriller.  Well-directed.  Well-acted.  And, a great story to boot.  Grade: B