DVD Review: The Grey









Wolves never used to scare me.  Now they do.  Liam Neeson stars in “The Grey,” a first-rate survival-thriller set in Alaska.

A plane carrying oil rig workers, including John Ottway (Neeson), crashes in the wilderness, killing most aboard.  The unlucky survivors are forced to trek through the snow and cold, looking for civilization.

Then, come the wolves:  Big, mean and hungry. Oh, and relentless.

It was Ottway’s job to kill wolves at the oil rig sites when they threatened workers.  But, the crash survivors manage to find only one gun in the wreckage.  Not nearly enough to handle this pack.  One by one, the men are picked off and eaten.

Joe Carnahan (The A-Team) gets a tremendous performance out of Neeson and the mostly unknown cast, while scaring the pants off the audience.  Yes, some of the scares are cheap.  We’ll let those slide by.  Some of the scares are genuine, generated by characters you come to care about, especially Ottway.  His character goes from having suicidal thoughts to really wanting to survive.  Only, he may or may not get that opportunity.  There’s also a religious issue that’s very successfully played.

“The Grey” offers amazing action scenes and an intelligent story.  Put this flick on your must-see list.  Grade: B+