DVD Review: Man on a Ledge











He’s a man.  He’s on a ledge.  He’s “Man on a Ledge.”

Let the silliness begin!

Sam Worthington stars as an ex-con doing time for stealing a diamond from shady businessman David Englander (Ed Harris).  After escaping from prison in a very unlikely fashion, Nick Cassidy heads downtown to put on a show from the ledge of a posh hotel.

Is he really there to jump or is there another reason to draw such a crowd?

Without giving too much of the preposterous story away, let’s just say “Man on a Ledge” asks you to suspend an incredible amount of disbelief.  Instead, you get this “stunned” feeling, that can only be relieved by laughter.

Elizabeth Banks plays Lydia Mercer, a police negotiator on leave for losing a jumper weeks earlier.  Jamie Bell is Cassidy’s brother.  And, Anthony Mackie is Cassidy’s former partner on the city police force.

I feel most embarrassed for Harris as the evil millionaire developer.  He does his best to give the villain an over-the-top flair, but falls flat on his face.  Harris looks emaciated and not up to the physical demands of the role.  It’s hard to buy his in-your-face demeanor, based on his physical appearance.

“Man on a Ledge” goes splat!  What else can you say about it?  Grade: D