DVD Review: The Divide

The Divide trailer

What happens to a small group of survivors following multiple nuclear explosions on a large city?  They all manage to get into a makeshift bomb shelter in “The Divide,” but the situation quickly gets out of hand thanks to the ensuing fear, panic and radiation poisoning.

This post-apocalyptic horror film from French director Xavier Gens is a graphic depiction of how humanity breaks down under severe, almost unimaginable, conditions.

This basic storyline was used countless times in science fiction TV dramas of the 1950’s and 1960’s.  “The Twilight Zone” and “The Outer Limits” come to mind.

But, this time we get an explicit horror feeding with a screenplay and direction that’s way over the top.  There’s nothing subtle about what these characters are doing to each other.  Instead of pulling together, they split into groups: one basically good, but wimpy.  The other group suffers more from radiation sickness and goes the loony route in record time.

While there’s some good things happening in this tense, often effective, thriller…some of the gut-wrenching twists you endure are just not believable and mostly irritating.

Two of the best sequences come at the very start and the end of the film.  The brief special effects are semi-impressive for such a low-budget film.  Even a bit poetic.

While I can’t recommend, “The Divide” is a film that could offer some brief moments for lovers of the horror/sci-fi genre.  Gens show some talent, and I’m sure he’ll have further opportunities to express himself. “The Divide” rates a “C-.”

“The Divide” is now available on Blu-ray and DVD.