Movie Review-The Devil Inside


The Devil Inside

Opens January 6, 2012

Welcome to the freak show.  “The Devil Inside” has everything you would expect from an R-rated horror movie about demon possession: creepy demon voices, contorted bodies, bloody murder scenes and priests who actually think they have a chance of defeating Satan.  Fat chance!

“The Devil Inside” opens with a 911 call from a woman who claims she killed three people during an exorcism.  Police arrive to find the bloody remains of two priests and a nun.  And, of course, the demonically possessed one, who manages to jump out and scare everyone.

Here’s the audio version of my review:

20 years later, the daughter of Maria Rossi, makes an attempt to visit her mother, who for some undisclosed reason has been transferred to a mental hospital in Rome.  That brings up the question, “how do you get a criminally insane American citizen transferred to a hospital near the Vatican?  The logistics are mind-boggling.

Could use a couple of aspirin stat

Well, the screenplay of this spooky thriller won’t be getting any awards.  That much is certain.  Instead, it serves only as a way to get you from one big scare to the next, and with that in mind, it mostly succeeds.  “The Devil Inside” has some genuine scares and some cheap ones, as well.

The ending is a real groaner, but for fans of the genre, there’s enough here to warrant a look.

On a scale of one to ten, “The Devil Inside” gets a “six.”